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About Bryan Auto Accident Injury Chiropractic

Dr. Ted Stephenson and Dr. Alicia Stephenson are second and third generation Doctors of Chiropractic. Stephenson Chiropractic Center was established by Dr. Ed Stephenson in 1961.

Our doctors get great results for our patients. Here's why: gentle, advanced chiropractic procedures developed from extensive education and training; the most advanced diagnostic testing; specialize in chronic and the most difficult cases (just one reason many medical doctors refer patients to us); focus on corrective care, not just pain control; tailoring the patient's care to meet the needs of the specific condition; caring for chiropractic patients of all ages, from newborns to the elderly; work with a leading chiropractic radiologist who provides second opinions for our patients; before and after x-rays, so effects are visible; spinal decompression for disc repair as an alternative to surgery; thousands of dollars of services donated monthly in ourpublic health outreach program; a generational chiropractic family dedicated to the science of chiropractic. As a result patients come from all over the state and nation for chiropractic care at our office.

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Dr. Ted and Dr. Alicia Stephenson are local volunteers with the non-profit organization FOUNDATION FOR WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS. They are available to speak on a variety of health related topics for your place of work or worship or service organization. Contact us at wellnessspeakers.org or call our office for a list of topics or to schedule your event.


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